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Do you consider English to be your second language? Are you currently studying abroad or are a professional who feels they need an expert proofreading or editing service? We employ a staff of two professional ESL proofreaders and three ESL editors who will review your document for consistency, spelling, grammar, word choice, sentence structure, style and formatting. If you are looking for a one-stop ESL editing solution that will exceed your expectations, consider our wide range of pricing options and upload your text today!

ESL Proofreading and Editing? What Is the Difference? offers clients some of the most competitive pricing for our ESL proofreading and editing services without sacrificing quality. Just want are the main differences between both? Here are the Top 3 Differences Between Proofreading and Editing:

Purpose – Proofreading is all about grammar, spelling and syntax. Editing involves terminology, context, phrasing, wording and meaning.

Method – Proofreading may involve using a dictionary and focuses on individual words. Editing involves re-reading the text to make sure that the content addresses the main research topic or adheres to given requirements. ESL online Editing also involves interpreting what a non-native speaker of English may have meant in their native language

Marketing – Proofreading and editing are not the same thing, but completely different services. Usually proofreading may misleadingly be marketed as editing and customers end up thinking why their text is almost the same. A proofreaders job is mostly just spelling and grammar. If you are looking for something more in-depth, be sure to choose a professional editing service.

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